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High Armor has been focusing on flexible stab-proof materials for 15 years. It is the only national high-tech enterprise in the field of flexible stab-proof materials in China. Designated cooperation unit for flexible stab-resistant materials of the Ministry of Public Security of China. Shanghai Donghua University, National Key Laboratory of Textile Materials, PhD candidate, joint training unit. The first brand in China's flexible stab-proof industry.

Suzhou Higharmor

Innovative fourth generation flexible stab-proof material, carbon fiber material composite bionics. We have completely solved the contradictions of traditional stab-proof clothing, such as bulkiness, invisibility, lack of flexibility, and no wearability.

High Armor uses the latest technology and is ahead of the international security giant in stab-proof materials for at least three to five years. Because of the use of single-layer protection technology. In terms of performance indicators, the thickness is less than 1/5 of traditional weft-free fabric stab-proof materials, and the flexibility index reaches 14.8 (test data of the Ministry of Public Security's stab-proof clothing competition).

Lab Testing Device

The most stringent and authoritative stab-proof certification agency in Europe: the German VPAM stab-proof certification laboratory. As a stab-proof standard that must be fulfilled by military and police force procurement in most countries and regions in Europe and even Africa.

High Armor Ltd. has been aligning and moving towards this standard since its inception. After several years, the latest fourth-generation carbon fiber patented stab-resistant material has finally successfully obtained VPAM stab-resistant certification.

At the same level of protection, the weight index is A+, the breathability is A+, and the flexibility index is A+. At present, High Armor has been entered into the procurement catalog systems of many European military police.


What is our Advantages?

armadillo animal
Causal clothing total solutions for Jacket/Vest/Coat/Hoodies/Suit items
  • Stab Proof: Patented bionic design based on Armadillo animal armor structure, NIJ0115.00 level protection, using carbon fiber, most lightweight and flexibility; from carbon fiber yarn to stab proof panels, all manufactured internally. Whole chain trackable;
  • Bullet Proof: NIJ0106.00 Level IIIA 9mm and .44 magnum level, using out-sourcing UHMWPE and our own whole chain quality management;
  • Slash Proof: EN388 level, OEM&ODM service, mostly integrated with Armadillo Tex ® stab proof panels options;

Slash proof + Bullet proof + Stab proof any combinations are also be available.

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What Can We Provide?

  • Stab proof: We designing and manufacturing provide whole-line products, from stab proof panels, any energy levels, any clothing (Jacket/vest/coat/hoodies) available.
  • Bullet proof: We out-sourcing the highest quality and make full inspection of the UHMWPE, our own technology is under developing. Provide all range protection level.
  • Slash proof: we out-sourcing, with the full OEM&ODM capacity.


End is our retail website for ordinary users (B2C), and is our wholesale website for institutional users (B2B). 



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